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Dear Voter:

Thanks for visiting this website. I am running for CT Secretary Of The State on the Green Party of CT line during the 2014 election. I want your vote and your support because I honestly believe that I am the most qualified candidate to serve you in this important office. My experience working for ballot access reform, voting reform, and real campaign finance reform over many decades gives me a unique prospective that is now needed in our state (see my ABOUT page on this website).

The time has come for real change. My slogan during this election is: MORE CHOICES, MORE VOICES. The two-party system dominates and distorts our political possibilities and our political choices. We need new ideas and new programs to build a better Connecticut. What better place to start than at the level of elections and the ballot access rules that frustrate real choices and real voices in CT?

Check back to this website in the near future for further information about this effort to make a change and make a difference. Please Vote clean and Vote Green!

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